Suzanne Droleskey

Tai Chi Instructor, Confucius Institute

Rudder Tower 8th Floor

Phone: 9798451860

Dr. Suzanne Droleskey, Executive Director, Public Partnership & Outreach Effectiveness at Texas A&M is the instructor for all Confucius Institute Tai Chi classes. Dr. Droleskey began taking Taiji Quan lessons in 2003, and has learned a variety of forms and styles including Yang, Chen, and Sun. She has also learned forms using sword, fan, and sword with long tassel. She has received a diploma in Taiji from Beijing Sport University for completing a private course of study and is certified as a Level II Taiji instructor by the America Tai Chi and Quifong Association. Dr. Droleskey started teaching for the Confucius Institute in 2010, and a partnership between the Brazos Healing Center and the Confucius Institute began in 2011. In October 2012, Dr. Droleskey represented the Confucius Institute as an invited speaker at the 4th Annual World Taijiquan Health Congress, where she discussed the role of Confucius Institutes in facilitating Taiji training and her current class at Texas A&M. Dr. Droleskey began teaching tai chi courses for the Department of Kinesiology in Fall 2013. 

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