Student Feedback on Taiji Classes

“I have taken three classes with Suzanne and I enjoy Taiji because, as a student, it helps to relax my mind and ease my stress.”

“I have taken yoga before and wanted to try something new that would build on that and present a new challenge.  Tai Chi forced me to learn better concentration and focus.”

“As someone who is familiar with learning martial arts, I have had several instructors, very few of whom were quite as thorough in their instruction.  In addition to being able to perform the moves to demonstrate them . . . Suzanne is able to explain the nuances of each movement, and point out minor deviations from the correct form, even in small shifts in body weight.  Her teaching ability, in addition to her patience with all of her students and her familiarity with many forms of Taiji have brought me back to learning from her again and again.”

“My stress has reduced, and I feel at peace when I play Taiji.” 

“It was my doctor’s suggestion that I attend; I was amazed at the improvement in my balance and the lessening of arthritis pain in my knees and hands.”

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