Student Feedback on Fall Prevention Taiji Classes

“My goal was to be steadier on my feet and increase lower extremity strength.  Both were achieved.”

“I am walking and standing differently than I did before the class.  My balance has definitely improved.”

 “Suzanne was a remarkable teacher!  She was patient and understanding and showed me and other members of the class how to modify the routines to adapt to our individual capabilities.  She broke down the routines step-by-step to make them easier to learn and suggested mnemonic phrases to help us remember the steps.  She never pushed us the way athletic trainers do, which I appreciated.”

“ I hadn't been to the chiropractor since beginning Tai Chi, so it has been one month. He was quite elated as he told [my daughter] and me that the condition of my spine has changed from the waist up. It was so flexible and relaxed as were shoulders and neck. The lower back condition had also improved. ‘Whatever you have been doing, keep doing is giving you more flexibility and balance.’"

Because of a medical condition, “my neurologist of sixteen years recommended that I take Taiji classes . . . My specific physical problems . . . included difficulty putting on my shoes and socks, difficulty getting into my car, favoring one leg while walking, walking at a slow pace, frequent loss-of-balance problems when turning and more.  After taking classes from Suzanne, plus doing the daily Taiji exercises she specifically recommended to me, all the above are pretty much gone.”

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