Tai Chi Classes

The Confucius Institute offers a variety of Tai Chi (Taiji) classes open to students, faculty, staff, and local community members. 
The types of classes provided vary by semester, but regularly include the following.  Other specialty classes will be taught based on student demand. If you want to receive updates about these or other upcoming classes, please send an e-mail to the instructor (Dr. Suzanne Droleskey).

Classes Offered

This class will introduce people to Yang 24 Tai Chi, and will provide the basic skills that will allow dedicated students to practice Tai Chi on their own once the class ends. It is designed as an entry level class for those who may not have ever practiced Tai Chi at all or who have learned a little from videos/DVD’s and want more guidance about how to proceed. DETAILS & REGISTRATION
This class is designed for those who already have taken some basic Tai Chi and want to improve their skills or who want to refresh their memories after not playing Tai Chi for some time. The class is kept intentionally small so that the instructor may work with each student to focus on individual needs for improvement. For those who have taken the Beginner I class, this class is the next one in the series and will focus on polishing students’ techniques within Yang 24 as well as introduce new forms based on the skill levels of participants. DETAILS & REGISTRATION

This class is designed for those who want to try Tai Chi but are a little unsure about their physical ability or have some specific balance or flexibility concerns.  Participants will learn techniques that they can practice on their own to gain strength, flexibility and balance with emphasis on individual abilities of the participants.  Students of all ages and ability levels are welcome.  Those 65 and older will find the class helpful as a way to prevent falls, which are the #1 cause of accidental death for those over age 65 (National Safety Council).  Individuals with limited mobility from arthritis could also benefit from this class since research has shown Tai Chi to reduce pain caused by arthritis.  Visually impaired individuals can learn fundamentals that support balance needed for an independent lifestyle.  Students will learn Tai Chi movements that address improvement in range of motion, joint flexibility, and stamina as well as fundamentals of Yang style Tai Chi, including a short Yang style form.  This class is a foundational one that will facilitate entry into the Beginner I class.

This class is kept intentionally small to ensure a safe environment and individualized instruction for participants. Dedicated students should be able to see improvement by the end of the class sessions and be able to continue the Tai Chi movements on their own or by participating in a Beginner I class.  Potential students are encouraged to visit with their health care providers if they have concerns about adding Tai Chi to their routines.
Please contact Dr. Suzanne Droleskey at if you have questions about this class. DETAILS & REGISTRATION


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