Tai Chi Classes Offered through the Confucius Institute Make a Big Impact on Local Community

Date: 8/19/2013

The Confucius Institute at Texas A&M University, in partnership with The Brazos Healing Center, now offers Tai Chi for Fall Prevention and Flexibility, which teaches techniques for improving balance, increasing mobility and regaining strength.

In 2010, The Confucius Institute at Texas A&M began offering the first Tai Chi class sponsored by a Confucius Institute, led by Dr. Suzanne Droleskey, a level two instructor (American Tai Chi and Quigong Association). Says Dr. Droleskey, “Tai Chi is a life-long learning activity in which everyone strives to improve, including instructors.  It can be done by anyone, anywhere, with any ability level, and requires no special equipment. People with limited mobility or a low level of athletic ability can achieve personal goals they set for themselves without worrying about being “perfect”.  As a youth, I was the classic ‘last person to be picked for the team’.  In playing Tai Chi, I try not to lose sight of the fact that, today; I am performing at my current level of ability and that there is still much to learn!”
With the increase in popularity and demand, additional classes have been added and continue to increase the breadth of impact on the community. All classes are open to the public. Fall classes will open shortly.  For details, please see the Confucius Institute website.  In addition to the Fall Prevention and Flexibility Class, the following classes are available:
  • Beginner I, which provides basic Yang style Tai Chi skills to the first-time student, and
  • Beginner II, which affords a more focused direction and additional skills in Yang style to those who have already studied some Tai Chi. 
Dr. Droleskey has over ten years of experience in Tai Chi. She holds a degree from Beijing Sports University for a specialized course of study in Tai Chi, and has demonstrated her skills at such events as Asian Heritage Week, Brazos Valley Worldfest, The Senior World Passport Program, and J. Wayne Stark Art Gallery workshops, among others.
Tai Chi is known for improving physical health and mobility to participants with a wide range of physical ability, opening doors to community members that have no other experience with Chinese culture. Tai Chi plays an important role for the CI by further boosting awareness of Chinese culture throughout the local community.  Kate Kelly, a former student of Dr. Droleskey said, “The focus on balance & steadiness was especially helpful.  I was originally drawn to Tai Chi because it looks beautiful, but once into it, that aspect faded somewhat & the challenge to slow down became more important.”
For more information regarding Tai Chi classes please visit   or email Amanda Zuccarini,

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