Dr. Suzanne Droleskey, Assistant Vice President for Global Program Support Invited to Speak at the 4

Date: 11/28/2012

The 4th World Taijiquan Health Congress was held from October 28 – November 1, 2012 in Wudang, China.  Dr. Suzanne Droleskey, Assistant Vice President, Global Programs Effectiveness, was an invited speaker for the Taiji Cultural Forum held on October 30.  This Congress was part of a year-long celebration of the 600th anniversary of the founding of the Taoist buildings constructed in the Wudang Mountains, where history attributes the development ofTaiji by Zhang Sanfeng.

In addition to Dr. Droleskey, other Taiji Cultural Forum invited speakers included Dr. Wang Li Feng from the Scientific Research Department of Chinese Wushu Association and Chinese Wushu Research Institute; Mr. Zeng Nailiang, one of the top Wushu and Taiji coaches in China; Mr. Jet Li, actor and founder of Taijizen; and Mr. Ma Yun, founder of Alibaba Group.
Dr. Droleskey’s talk emphasized the importance of the Confucius Institute partnerships developed between Chinese universities and universities around the world as a platform to share knowledge about Taijiquan.  She described the success of the Taiji classes she teaches through the Confucius Institute at Texas A&M University and indicated that this would not have been possible without the encouragement and support of Ocean University of China, Texas A&M’s Confucius Institute partner. 
Dr. Droleskey said, “Following in the footsteps of their namesake, these Confucius Institutes are leaders in teaching and learning.  While most Confucius Institutes teach Chinese language and culture, other aspects of these partnerships include student and faculty exchanges and research projects.  I am told that the partnership between Ocean University of China and Texas A&M University is unique because our Confucius Institute also teaches Taijiquan classes to our university faculty, staff, administrators, and students and to local community members.” 
Praising the Chinese government (Hanban) for its vision in developing Confucius Institute partnerships between universities in China and in almost 400 other countries around the world, Dr. Droleskey encouraged the Taijiquan teachers, coaches, and other representatives present at the Congress to consider using the Confucius Institutes as a possible mechanism to foster more knowledge of Taiji worldwide.  Dr. Droleskey asserted that Taijiquan is an important aspect of Chinese culture that had the potential to encourage many individuals to learn more about China as well as promote health and wellness.
A number of individuals were very excited about the possibility of partnerships with the Confucius Institutes.  Dr. Droleskey remarked that by the end of the conference, an instructor from Australia who had not been familiar with the mission of Confucius Institutes, had contacted identified two Confucius Institutes in Australia that expressed interest in adding Taijiquan courses to their programs.
The Congress consisted of a variety of activities, including Taiji referee programs, an international Taijiquan competition with 23 nations represented, the Taiji Culture Forum, and technical meetings for various Taiji experts.  The official Opening Ceremony was held at the Wudang International Wushu Exchange Center and showcased a variety of famous singers and Taiji performers.
Reported by Dr. Suzanne Droleskey
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