Fifteen Texas Administrators Participate in 2010 Chinese Winter Bridge Tour

Date: 12/23/2010

Beijing, Wuhan – On December 3-10, the Confucius Institute at Texas A&M University in collaboration with the College of Education and Resource Development organized a delegation of Texas school administrators to participate in the Office of Chinese Language Council International’s (Hanban) “2010 Chinese Bridge for American Schools: A New Start”.

Sponsored by Hanban, the Chinese Bridge Program is a weeklong educational program that takes place twice a year in China for k-12 administrators. The program serves to enhance China-US educational exchanges, deepen U.S. education officials’ understanding of Chinese language and culture, and promote Chinese language courses in American mainstream schools.
The program began with a day of orientation in Beijing for the American delegates. Afterwards the delegates went on provincial visits where they were able to engage Chinese secondary and primary education administrators and teachers, many of whom were eager to exchange ideas and develop partnerships. The Texas A&M cohort traveled to Hubei province’s capital, Wuhan, where they were greeted with warm reception from the Hubei Provincial Department of Education. During their stay in Wuhan, the cohort visited Wuhan Foreign Languages School, No. 1 Middle School attached to Central China Normal University and Hubei University, participated in round table discussions about education in China and America and heard lectures from top officials in the Provincial Department of Education.
None of the fifteen delegates had ever travelled to China and to many of them the tour was a transforming experience in both a professional and personal sense. According to James Barron Bakewell, Assistant Principal at Hutto High School in Hutto ISD, the tour enabled him to not only see China’s education system and gain insight on how to incorporate language study into his school, but also how China and Chinese will affect the future of his students. According to Bakewell, he “believe(s) the American schools will need to learn to embrace China if our students are going to be competitive on the global stage.”
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