2010 Winter Bridge Delegation Visits No.1 Middle School Attached to Central China Normal University

Date: 12/17/2010

To enhance China-US educational exchanges, deepen U.S. education officials’ understanding of Chinese language and culture and promote Chinese language courses in American mainstream schools, the National Office of Chinese Language Council International continues to collaborate with the U.S. College Board and invited several hundreds of U.S. primary and secondary principals and education officials to visit China.

Following Hanban’s schedule, the 2010 Chinese Bridge for American Schools’ delegation visited Hubei Province at the beginning of December. This is the fifth time that No.1 Middle School hosted the Chinese Bridge Delegation since 2007.
On December 7th, more than 40 principals and provincial officials visited No. 1 Middle School. Accompanied by Mr. Zhen Zhang, the principal and students from the 10th grade, they visited the campus, the school history museum, Chinese language promotion base, and science and technology museum. The delegation members were impressed by the campus view, campus culture, and the English language level of our students.
Then the principals audited a 10th-grade Chinese class of Ms. Chunmei Chen, which showcased the Chinese language to the visiting principals. In the meeting following, Principal Zhen Zhang warmly welcomed the visitors and introduced the concept and development initiatives for the school. Principal Zhang explained to the guests that while developing the school, there is a strong emphasis on communication and friendship with schools abroad. Not only is No. 1 Middle School open to learning advanced cultural and educational concepts from schools abroad, but is also engaged with promoting the culture of China and contributing to an increasing global understanding. Both sides expressed the willingness to cooperate in the future.
As one of the “International Chinese Language Promotion Middle School/Primary School Bases”, our school has been committed to the international promotion of Chinese language. Our efforts include organization of the Chinese Culture Summer Camp, establishment of Chinese Culture Experiencing Center, training of foreign Chinese language teachers, hosting foreign students, implementing foreign exchange projects, and the development of Chinese language courses.
Internationalized development is the important part of our school’s development strategy. Currently we have set up the first Confucius Classroom in Germany. In the future, we will send more Chinese teaching personnel to promote the Chinese language and culture in the world.


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