Confucius Institute welcomes visiting scholars

Date: 8/20/2009

The Confucius Institute at Texas A&M University welcomed Dr. Yirong Luo, Dr. Wang Yanfei, and Ms. Yuan Liu, three long-term visiting scholars from Qingdao, China. Dr. Yirong Luo and Dr. Wang Yanfei are visiting scholars from Ocean University of China, the cooperative partner of Texas A&M University in the the Confucius Institute, and Ms. Yuan Liu is from the Qingdao University of Science and Technology.
Dr. Yirong Luo has been a professor at the College of Journalism and Communication at the Ocean University of China for the past thirteen years. Dr. Luo’s research work encompasses contemporary Anglo-American literature, Chinese-western comparative literature and Cross-cultural communication, and Dialogism Theory. In 2000 he received a certification to teach Chinese as a foreign language from the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Luo will stay at Texas A&M for a two-year term in which he will serve as the Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at Texas A&M, and he is accompanied by his wife and son.
When asked how he felt about coming onboard at the Confucius Institute, Luo answered “The Confucius Institute at Texas A&M is another home for our faculty and we have an excellent working team. What impressed me most is my TAMU colleagues’ great effort to make difference in Chinese teaching and Chinese culture promotion. It’s terrific to join [the Confucius Institute].”
Dr. Wang Yanfei is a lecturer at the Sinology Department, College of Literature and Journalism at the Ocean University of China. She received her Ph.D. in Ancient Chinese Drama from the Shanghai Theatre Academy. In her four years at Ocean University, Dr. Wang has taught courses in Intensive Reading of Chinese, Chinese Writing, and Chinese Speaking to overseas students and courses in Ancient Chinese Literature.
Dr. Luo, Dr. Wang, and Ms. Yuan Liu will be teaching classes through the Asian and Arabic Language Office at the College of Liberal Arts. The visiting scholars will be working to support the various programs at the Confucius Institute aimed at enhancing the understanding of Chinese Culture and Language.

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