About Us

The Confucius Institute at Texas A&M University, inaugurated on April 28, 2008, is an educational and outreach effort of Texas A&M University to help better prepare students and the citizens of Texas for a global future. As an institute with a university-wide mandate, the Confucius Institute serves as a resource for the entire university community to strengthen educational ties with China. The Institute, in keeping with Texas A&M’s profile as a research university and as mandated by its funding agency, the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) is focused on:

  • Increasing cultural, academic and scientific connections with China 
  • Strengthening Chinese language programs
  • Raising awareness of Chinese culture through outreach programs and
  • Strengthening cultural, economic, academic and trade ties between China and the United States

The Institute has three major activities:

  • Strengthen China connections and awareness among Texas A&M students, faculty, and staff
    • Provide speakers with expert knowledge of China history, society, economy, policy, literature and culture
    • Support and enhance study abroad programs at Texas A&M
    • Support and enhance academic programs, research and education projects in China
  • Language Education
    • Provide community Chinese language and culture classes
    • Host the Chinese Classroom Network for K-12 educators
    • Develop regional infrastructure for K-12 language programs
  • Community Outreach
    • Annual Lunar New Year Celebration
    • Cultural events

The Institute is a partnership of Texas A&M University and Ocean University of China. More:

About Us